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Friday, July 9, 2010

Thora kirugdhiya ( yellow curry using ridge gourd)

In Maldives there is a type gourd thats grown quite easily and made into differet dishes. In our language its called Thora, I think the english name is egyption loofah. Its like a cross between a zucchini and a cucumber, but more spongy , flesh wise but with a quite a smooth green skin. I discovered or rather a friend's mother pointed it out its sister, the ridge gourd .

The inside flesh is just the same, tastes the same but the outer skin is quite rough with ridges.

One of the most common way its cooked at my house is by making kirugardhiya, a bright yellow curry. I have posted the kirugardhiya recipe before using drumsticks. You can get the recipe from HERE . Follow the same recipe but replace the drumsticks to 5 ridge gourds. So

To prepare the ridge gourd for the curry: Peel the loofah / ridge gourds using a vegetable peeler, making sure you dont take it too thickly . Cut into thick rounds about 1/2 inch and then pop them all in and cook.

This is a great recipe to try to get kids interested in eating curries because its quite mild, just remove the chillies or use slightly more mild ones and make sure they dont get the chilli on their plate :)Anyone else cooked these ridge gourds or the egyption lufa? What do you prepare with them?

Enjoy with a nice tomato and cucumber salad and some masbondi.
Have a nice week end!


  1. wow! grat recipe :)
    thank you for sharing and wish you a great weekend!

  2. I used to eat a lot ridge gourds....miss them.

  3. its my fav too...lovely pics...:)

  4. Looks ridgegourds as anything..

  5. Yum! This dish looks great.

  6. Looks good! Never had that before. You are widening my horizons!

  7. Looks very delicious...i like it. I love that gourd. So sad I cant get here. Back home we fried it with egg or just make a simple soup with it....very delicious.

  8. Nice recipe,looks very delicious..

  9. We call this Zinga in Bengali! We cook it in fish curries or sometimes fry it with some onion. Love it.


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