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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mixed Bean Stew

I love beans and pulses. A great staple to have in the kitchen , I use both canned dried types. Thanks to priya's tip I know cook my dried beans in batches and freeze them. I like canned kidney beans but prefer dried chick peas to the canned ones. Anyway, I decided to make a bean stew today after seeing a bean tagine recipe. I used a few more spices and cooked on stove top instead of the oven.

300g mixed beans ( soaked overnight and cooked till tender), use a mixture of chickpeas, kidney beans and black eye peas, you can use a regular can of mixed beans or just kidney beans or chick peas, drain the liquid in the can and give them a good wash before cooking)

2 small or 1 medium onion , roughly chopped
3-4 cloves garlic
2 medium tomatoes
½ red bell pepper, seeds and white part removed ( optional)
½ piece ginger
1 green chilli ( optional)
A nice bunch of fresh coriander leaves( use the stem parts as well)
1 bay leaf
1 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp red chilli powder or paprika
¼ tsp ground black pepper
2 tsp tomato paste( is using puree use 1 tbsp)
About 300 ml ( thats about 1 1/3 cups )water or stock or some of the cooking liquid in which the beans were cooked in
A pinch of sugar
½ lime juice or ¼ lemon juice

1.Place onions, ginger, garlic, half the coriander leaves especially the stem part, tomatoes, chilli and bell pepper ( if using), into a blender or food processor and chop them up.

2. Heat oil in suitable pot or sauce pan, add the chopped up ingredients in and sauté over a medium heat till nice and soft.

3.Add the bay leaf, tomato paste, and the ground spices , stir for a minute or two to release their aroma.

4.Add the beans and liquid that you are using, whether water or stock or cooking liquid. Add a pinch of sugar. Bring to a simmer and cook covered for about 5- 10 minutes, but give it a stir once or twice and add a little water if you think its too dry. During the last few minutes stir in the remaining coriander leaves( finely chopped). Taste and season with salt.
Finish off with a squeeze of half a lime or ¼ of a lemon.

Serve with any form of flat bread you like, or some crusty bread .

You can use a single type of bean like kidney beans or chick peas instead of using a mixture of beans.

For those who cant survive without the hint of "fish" , add a tablespoon of masmirus or masfai or dried tuna while adding the beans.

Ps... I know I am a little slow catching up with other blogs, will try and catch up with my regulars :), have a nice week end!!


  1. Beautiful dish, makes me drooling..

  2. Very tempting pictures, great side dish.

  3. healthy and delicious looking stew..

  4. Nice recipe,would be a nice dish for rice

  5. yummy.......luks delicious and nice gravy color...

  6. I love all kinds of beans, too! Nice recipe :)

  7. Nutritious and protein packed stew, looks wholesome..

  8. Oh yeah, Priya has such wonderful beans recipes over at her site and this sounds marvellous! It looks so scrumptious. Hope you're having a wonderful day & the coming weekend as well!
    Cheers, Kristy

  9. Beans are a favorite, even my picky one likes beans! Your recipe looks delicious!

  10. I love beans. This looks delicious.

  11. Delicious and comforting! I love beans, especially chickpeas.


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