Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A kid's birthday party, Maldivian style

Last friday we were invited over to another maldivian family's place to celebrate their daughter's 5th bday. Maldivian or rather a typical maldivian kids parties consist of quite a number of finger snacks both sweet and savoury. Most of these snacks are also made during ramadann for the breaking of fast and also in local cafe's back home which are served with tea.

What we didnt expect was a packed house. Went there to catch up with the latest gossips from back home but was greeted by a house packed , and i do mean literally , with people!!!.

Anyway back to the food. the grandmother didnt disappoint us, she made 10 varieties of snacks!!!!. Unfortunately I didnt take my camera, but I did get a 7 out of the 10 varieties to bring home.

Some of them I need to find te recipes and have already requested that I want to come over and learn how to make them hehe.
First the savoury, all of them are made of tuna fish, mixed with onions, chillies and lime juice.

First up rolls, these were filled with a slightly spicey fish mixture , wrapped in a flour dough and fried. My mum used to bake these.

Next up is cutlets and bajiya ( maldivian equivalent to the indian samosa) which is filled with a sweet and spicy onion and fish mixture.

Last but not the least, boakibaa, a spicy fish cake made with coconut , tuna fish( either can or smoked) onions, lime juice, chillis, curry leaves and baked. The white cubes with onion sprinkled on top is known as foni boakibaa , a sweet snack unfortunately I am not sure whats in it , will find out the recipes and post soon.

Finally Kaamaranga, I have seen something that looks very similar to this in a mexican recipe book I think it was churros . The colourful balls are called coconut balls, we used to see those a lot when I was little and attending parties at cousins houses back home and they are quite addictive and very pretty with all the colours , its simply sugar , and fresh coconut,with food colouring. although i did get a hint of rose water .

There were a few more varieties , so I have to say Hats off to the grandmother cos she probably did most of the work hehe and to do all those mini pastries and balls and chopping and everything. ........... over all the food was great it was just trying to reach the table and if i did reach there and came back to find my seat gone to some else. :D

So hope you all are having a great week , am down with a heavy cold and sneezing away, I must be in really bad shape cos hubby even brough flowers?!?!?! These things dont happen normally, hehehe.


  1. i live maldivian style... i spent my honey moon in maldives, it was incredibly lovely!
    grat tips for a perfect party!
    wish you a very sweet day!

  2. Wow delicious platter,loved the pretty and colourful balls the most...am sure every kid loved all of these goodies...and must have been a great party...hope u enjoyed a lot..

  3. A great party platter there.. names were all very informative for me...

  4. wow..thanks for this virtual treat :-)

  5. Whoo, everything sounds so nice...wonderful finger foods, perfect crowd pleaser. Yeah I agree with you its kid's birthday and her friends are important:) I am waiting for the recipes:)

  6. what a feast! everything looks so delicious.

  7. I want to be a kid again to eat all those goodies and not have to worry about it.

  8. Wow wow wow... what yummy treats! Looks really seducing LOL! haha....

  9. Sounds like a fun party! Festive coconut balls!

  10. hi, i am a half maldivian and i have been searchin a recipe for kaamaranga as well, coz its one of my favorites (yummmmyyyy i luv those). so i askd quite a lot of people and most of them sed dat the dough is choux pastry dough and instead of baking it's deep fried and den dipped into a sugar syrup. oh and by the way its actually called "balakshaam" even though it luks like carambola (kaamaranga in dhivehi). i am gonna try this soon and will let u know if it comes out wel, but hey sure u can even give it a try. hope this helped u.

  11. I am an Indian. During 1985-88 I was posted to Male. My family and I enjoyed our stay. We still cherish the Maldivian snacks "Guda" and a snack that was rolled up and deep fried. Can someone please let me know the name of this snack.


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