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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Making Pizzas

I think I was about 12- 13 when i made my first pizza. Had never made one before or eaten one. Just followed a recipe in a cook book called packed lunches. THe only pizza I even saw was in teenage mutant ninja turtles :D. It looked more like a pie than a pizza and I didnt use yeast when making the dough, but it was quite a hit a home.

I tasted my first pizza in pizza hut in kuala lumpur in 1996 when I went to do my high school. So after going back home I started using yeast in my dough and turned it to the hawaiian supreme style with chicken , peppers and pine apple. I use chedder not mozzarella.

I think I like the pizza's in a pakistani pizza hut better , more spicier, must be to please the customers, as they do eat a bit more spicier, compared to malaysians. While in pakistan we didnt have oven for some time so i made it in a frying pan with the lid on to melt the cheese.

Back home the pie like pizza i used to make changed to thin crust, I started to play with my sauce, made the sauce by roasting tomatoes, garlic and onions with olive oil then pureeing it. Started using a mixture of mozzarella and chedder for cheese.

Unfortunately for me, my son is allergic to cheese, especialy chedder so for him I add tiny strips on cheese just to say i added any. His first pizza I made using a potato crust with tomato sauce and chopped sausages

The pizza on top is my most recent pizza. I made the sauce with redpeppers, garlic and basil and pureed it. Then topped with chillies , roast chicken slices and tomato slices. and ofcourse cheese.

And do you know what I still want to eat? an authentic pizza. I still havent tasted a real pizza, for i dont count the ones in pizza hut as authentic pizza. I would love to taste a wood oven pizza :) , maybe some day ...............


  1. i think you and i should go on a culinary tour through italy. what do you say?

  2. Looks delicious! Good job! And regarding the arrowshoots, you can use it to make arrowshoots' crisps(fried slice arrowshoots) or stew/braise it with meat. You can always go google search for the recipes and details as well. Have a nice weekend!

  3. I love pizza also, although I'm not allergic to cheese I often make one without.

  4. Haven't made the pizza for a long while. I like stone-oven pizza! Yours look very very good.

  5. Your pizza looks delightful. Interesting about the Pakastani pizza being a bit spicier.
    Pizza is one of those foods that are very versatile-It can be create with almost any food that is available.
    Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful Pizza..Once I had a fantastic Pizza from an Italian Restaurant in Berlin...What I make at home is nowhere near to that one..:-)

  7. oh wow I only made my first pizza today your a pro, believe me most pizza's are not as good as yours, i hope u can visit Italy one day lol Rebecca

  8. I am not such a pizza person..

  9. I love pizza, but I've never had a pineapple one! My son likes it though!

  10. Generally speaking, I am not a pizza fan but I find these days that I am in to gourmet pizzas.

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