Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheats way of making thin and thick coconut milk

First thank you to Malar for sharing her award with me , very sweet of her and you should check out her shrimp biryani it looks divine.

Maldivian recipes calls for coconut milk quite often, but its not an easy thing and slightly messy for me to extract coconut milk maybe b'cos I rarely did it at home , even though thankfully here in malaysia the farmers's markets sells freshly grated coconut.

So I turned to store bought coconut milk. I dont like coconut cream its too thick and hate the powdered form which makes the curry look clumpy and also turns yellow very soon.

So I use coconut milk. Its quite thick and creamy so for thick milk I use it as it is. For thin coconut milk I use 50 ml coconut milk + 200ml water making 250 ml of thin coconut milk, So for 500 ml Its 100 ml coconut milk +400 ml water .

Am I making any sense to you? The internet and laptop are so slow that its been driving me insane today. am trying to catch up with everyone else's blog and new ones as well.

Was missing home after seeing my sister's blog on a picnic day at home. You can check it out. maldivian picnics are a lot different compared to normal western ones, but its quite fun. So enjoy a day on a family picnic. Plus there are lots of other photo's from back home to those who are curious about what its like on an island.


  1. i've never heard of coconut milk. hmmm...:)

  2. i prefer canned coconut milk too. and so good with things like mas fen.

    it's raining here. pouring down.

  3. Hi Peanutts, I'm so ashamed to tell you that I've never been to Kelantan before! Hehe... Btw, what makes stay there?

  4. I have tried both coconut cream and milk. And I prefer milk too.

  5. I seldom use coconut milk in my cooking. But I still prefer the fresh one. Your Maldivian picnic reminds me of my childhood picnic. So nice to stay close to the nature. Happy Holidays!! ;)

  6. Interesting! I learn a lot of new and interesting things from you, Peanutts!

    Happy Holidays!


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