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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fast and easy pasta

Tonight hubby is on call and am suffering from a stiff neck, must be the cold rainy days here in kelantan, its a the rainy season here now so all gloomy and heavy rain. I got this idea to make the pasta sauce from my sister who is kinda like my cooking mentor hehhe ( no need to get your collars up sis).
Anyway I called her up once because i wanted an easy and fast pasta recipe , one that doesnt involve chopping up anything, believe me I love chopping veges but there are days especially days when I have to have dinner alone that I dont really feel like doing all that :) . So she suggested I use this , a packet of 1 cup soup.

What you need for about 1-2 people :

about 200g spagetti
1 packet 200ml soup ,I like campbell's cream of chicken, or cream of mushroom or tomato. This that powder type not the can.
Any of your favourite spice paste, such as thai chilli paste, or the sri lankan katta sambal, I used maldivian product known as masfai, a mixture of dried fish, chillies and onion.
You can even tear up basil if you are using tomato and forget about the paste.

1. Cook your pasta until almost al dente' then drain it reserving 200ml of the cooking water. Return the pasta in to the pan

2. Mix the reserved cooking water with the soup contents , then pour mixture into the pasta and cook over a medium heat stirring continously to prevent clumping. Switch off once the mixture thickens and then mix in the chilli paste or what ever paste you preffer or the basil. Taste season if like but remember both the cooking liquid and the soup already has salt in them so just be aware of it in case you end up with salty pasta.


  1. yeah that is fast and easy, I love pasta but always end up cooking rice.

  2. That looks so good! I love fast and easy recipes!

  3. Wow!! Nice and easy recipe. Great one.

  4. i would need soemthing fast and easy for dinner tonight - gotta flight to catch straight afterwards. but it is so stormy here - not really lookin forward to being on a plane tonight!


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