Friday, October 23, 2009

Oatmeal crumbed chicken nuggets

Porridge is the least favorite of MAF's my 2-year-old. Somehow it is one of the foods that I havent succeeded in getting him interested in. But I never give up and so my prayers were answered by chef Micheal Smith( I love the tall guy hehehe) , on his Chef at home series. I dont like the ready made supermarket nuggets, and you never lknow whats in them and they usually come in huge bags. So here is how to get really llvely nuggets or chicken fingers what ever you would like to call them. The oats give it a nice nutty flavour. 
You will need.

 Chicken tenders or boneless, chicken breast piece cut into thin slices 
Salt and pepper .
Quick cooking Oats or oatmeal 
1-2 eggs , beaten 
plain flour 
Spices to season the oats , such as pepper, paprika, cumin , dried herbs 
oil  for pan frying

1. Season the chicken tenders or slices well with salt and pepper 

 2. Place flour,eggs, and oats in three seperate bowls. Season oats if you like .

3. Dip chicken in flour, then eggs then oats. Heat a non stick frying pan with oil, just enough to cover the bottom, and dont make it too hot as it will burn the oats and leave your chicken uncooked. 

 4. carely layer the chicken pieces in then pan and cook about 2-3 minutes on each sides till nice and golden and firm to touch. Drain on kitchen paper .

 Variations: for adults use halved or butterflied breast pieces, flatten them a little under a cling film and then bashing it a little with a heavy pan or rolling pin.

You can even marinade the chicken in yogurt or lemon juice. The key is to prevent the oil from heating up too much . enjoy!!!


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