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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Searching for Maldivian ingrediants abroad

I am a Maldivian mum, living in malaysia. Even thought i love living in malaysia, I sometimes miss the food from home . A lot of maldivians complain that they dont get the ingrediants from abroad, maybe you are looking in the wrong places, so here is my tip for you, start searching the local markets instead of the posh supermarkets. Its cheaper and you will find a lot of ingrediants like bilinbi, murainga, even tuna.

For others who would like to try a maldivian food, you can try searching asian supermarkets in your country. But one thing i have to agree with most maldivians is that you wont find a Maldivian smoked tuna anywhere :( . So you can either substitute with canned tuna or you can try making your own.

I hope my blog helps those living abroad and for those foodies who would love to try a new cuisine .

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