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Monday, October 4, 2010

Garlic Rolls

I love garlic bread and nothing beats the taste of home made garlic bread and the smell of it all over the kitchen. Yes I love the taste of garlic  and love using it  when cooking.  Cant understand  why some people just rub it around the bowl and throws it away. Anyway  I saw this recipe in Umm Mymoonah's blog, taste of pearl city , and just fell for it  :) .

 I  decided to makeit using  half the said measurements  of her recipe , but it turned out enough for the three of us.   My son,  loved rolling the dough up into cylinders and after I cut them,  he arranged it for me in the tray, I used a small round cake tin. Its great  with stews , soups  and even curries  or even to snack on  if you get hungry.

So check out here for the recipe at  Umm Mymoonah's place,  she has explained the whole process with lovely  step by step photoes.


  1. Tempting and prefectly baked garlic rolls..awesome!

  2. Look's really great, i'm so glad that you liked the recipe. All credit goes to Suhaina.

  3. Delicious and perfectly done...i got to try this one too from suhaina"s blog

  4. wow garlic bread looks so perfect n delicious ..i am yet to try ..yummy


  5. The garlic bread looks crazy good! It would be so perfect with my soup tonight for dinner.

  6. That garlic bread looks amazing, better than the ones I get from the pizza places here! Perfection!

  7. Hmm... such tasty garlicy rolls! Yummm.... Hope you're enjoying your day too.

  8. Mmmm. They look wonderful - I love anything with garlic.

  9. Wow, I've never seen anything like these garlic rolls. And I love garlic bread enough to try these out very soon. Will let you know how that goes!

  10. garlic rolls look perfect... u have done it so perfectly...
    The advantage of this recipe is that u can bake with very less ingredients that u have at home and beginners too can bake.. No much complications..I too make them quite often..
    Glad that u have tried it.


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