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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making Angie's Twisted Wierwurst buns

Bread making is one of the least things I do. I have tried it a couple of times. First, time it ended up as hard as rock. Second time, was a bit better but quite dry, not nice and fluffy. So I stay away from that department. It was until this somalian lady who lives downstairs apartment, offered to show me how she made bread, got me a little more confident in bread making . So , while checking the posts by other bloggers,I came across Angie's Twisted wierwurst buns.

They looked so cute and tasty plus would be great for a nice weekend breakfast.Now dont think I am one of the people who wakes up early and makes bread!!. I made them the day before , yes yes , sounds lazy buts its week end! The only day I dont have to run around getting breakfast ready, drop hubby off at work and then son to kindy.

Anyway back to the recipe, it needed a bit of fiddling when it came to making the buns but the results were quite good, well a bit messy but good. In fact the addition of the Tangzong Starter made the buns really soft ( hubby commented that it was just like the ones from the bakery :P). It got a little burnt on top , but tasted pretty good.

I used half the amount she had done so I made about 5 of them and used regular frankfurters ( packed kind).

My biggest problem with bread making is waiting for the bread to rise, I kept peeking in to see if anything was happening.

So check it out yourself , and thanks Angie :).By the way how do you pronouce Wierwurst?


  1. Looks great! That would go over big here, anything with hot dogs!

  2. Nice bun. You made only 5? Next time please keep some extra for me ;DD

  3. Great looking buns, looks fantastic..

  4. Yummy and different type of buns...

  5. Yummy looking buns. They looks really yummy and attractive :)

  6. It looks so good and fresh...

  7. I was looking for a good and easy bun recipe...Thanks I will try out soon and let you know dear.

  8. this is one of my favourite from Angie's recipes, you have got it really good.

  9. Bread making can be frustrating but so rewarding when you get it right. Your buns look wonderful and soft, I'm sure they tasted just as good as they look.

  10. Good job, there! Glad to see you started your adventure in breadmaking! Have fun!
    Cheers, Kristy

  11. Your buns turned out terrific! You're not so bad at bread baking! I saw these at Angie's and fell in love with them too!

  12. This looks great.. I have never baked anything beside a cake from a cake mix packet but I look forward to trying this :D
    I always check your blog before meal times for a new idea and as a maldivian living abroad, the dhivehi recipes make my day :)
    It would be great if you can post more snacks and meals that can be made during ramazan.. I'm usually stuck with the few short-eats that I know how to make..
    Thanx and keep up the good job

  13. Wow - these look fantastic.

  14. oh it really looks fabulous! thank you for this lovely recipe :)
    have a sweet day,


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