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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Experiment :Pasta with carrot sauce

I decided to get my little guy to taste a new kind of pasta sauce. Usually I make a huge pot of tomato sauce and freeze it in batches and use it for his pasta and sometimes with sausages and mash.

I remembered reading rebecca's roasted carrots and linguine post long time back. So I checked my favorite chef jamie oliver's jamie's dinners where he explains what goes well with carrots and a few other veges. According to him oranges goes well with carrots , I didnt have a nice juicy orange but I did have some really nice mandarins. So set to work, MAF , wasnt very keen with it but he knows mummy doesnt take any nonsense when it comes to meal times.I am the kind of mum who says you eat whats in front of you, so far its worked pretty well and he rarely makes a fuss , unless he is really feeling unwell or something. Anyway here is how I made it

For 2 serves

1 medium carrot ( about 100 g), peeled cut into big chunks
1 big fat clove of garlic or 2 if you prefer it more garliky
A sprig of thyme or a pinch of dried thyme or dried mixed herbs
half a mandarin , peeled and segmented or u can use orange
1 tsp butter / margerine
Short pasta like penne, fusilli , etc

1. Put everything in a roasting tray put the knob of butter in the middle and roast in a medium hot oven about 200 - 250 for about 30 minutes, ( i leave it to you and your ovens ).Oh and leave the garlic in the skin, you can squeeze it out later , as they tend to burn if peeled.

2. Boil salted water for your pasta and cook pasta , drain reserve a tablespoon or so of cooking liquid.

3. Put your roasted veges and orange along with the herbs into a processor and squeeze your garlic in and puree it, no need to make it too smooth . Taste add salt if required.

4.Mix this into the pasta add a little cooking liquid if too thick . Serve with some sausages or some kind of protein to balance the meal :)


  1. Ooo...this looks simply delicious especially during this kind of weather! Yumm.... Have a nice day!
    Regards, Kristy

  2. Carrot sauce sounds interesting and very catchy...awesome!

  3. this sounds so good and very intersting...I must try it. looks yummy!

  4. Looks yummy, and so easy too with not much ingredients...

  5. Lovely and delicious! A simple dish like this can make up a good day!

  6. A bit different, I have one picky kid who'd have made a fuss about tasting and then would love it! The other one would dig right in, it looks good! Looks delicious to me!

  7. What a tasty sauce - I've never made carrot sauce before.

  8. Carrot sauce, sounds very interesting to me, nice twist to the usual recipe, love it.

  9. oh this is even better will try it with orange yummy

  10. Carrot sauce is healthy sauce :)

  11. This pasta salad sounds simple,but full of flavor!!!

  12. It does look very good with carrot sauce! :-)

  13. Carrot sauce - an excellent idea!

  14. Carrot sauce looks healthy and delicious. I like it.

  15. Love the idea of carrot sauce. A creative way to use carrot in cooking and great for kids who dislike carrot. ;)

  16. That sounds interesting and a nice variation from tomato sauce :)


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