Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The "Eyeew!" Pudding aka Banana and Coffee Pudding

I can see a few raised eyebrows. You see,  this is the reaction I got from my sisters and nieces when I said that for desert is a banana pudding. And they didnt even try it!! I mean if the eyew!! part had come after eating then I would understand but without even trying?!?!   Hence  I got a bit  annoyed and decided to rename this the Eyew Pudding, I have changed the name to Eyew! Pudding, yes I know it looks a little unappetizing but sometimes what looks horrible can surprisingly taste delicious. ( So dont go pulling faces and saying yuck at food without even tasting it)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Spagetti With Hot Chilli Tuna Sauce

Tuna is a store cupboard staple in my house and in almost all Maldivian houses, In  my home we buy in cases not just one or two cans.  Its usually the tuna cans in oil that is used I dont like the ones in brine or water.

I saw this chilli tuna recipe by Julie Goodwin an Australian Master chef winner , who wrote this  recipe on Australian Women's Weekly Magazine. ( big fan of Australian Women's Weekly, always look for the magazine , when I go abroad or love  reading  it on line).

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mexican Flautas

I try not to throw away stuff, especially when there are so many people around the world living in hunger and suffering . I usually chuck in left overs into the fridge to eat the next day or sometimes into the freezer. I have an aunt,  who changes the flavour of her left over curry the next day, so her family thinks they are eating a  new one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kulhimas ( Spicy Tuna Curry)

My mother taught me this recipe recently. The kulhimas recipe she taught me before was a bit different from this one and I love this one more than the first one.   Interestingly enough she told me this recipe was taught to her by her stepmother.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jacques Pepin's Chocolate Souffle' Cake

I love these kind of cakes, all nice and soft with a melt in the mouth texture.  So for this month's (June) Potluck at IHCC , I am making  Jacques Pepin's  Chocolate Souffle Cake. The first time I made this I didnt line the cake tin and it ended up getting stuck at the bottom and ended up quite messy  when I tried to pry it out  and ended up making a big mess ...


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