Saturday, July 26, 2014

K dhatha's Kukulhu riha ( chicken curry )

Tomorrow could be Eid day , if the moon is sighted ( other wise it would be celebrated on Tuesday), So Eid Greetings to all my muslim readers.  Chicken is most often cooked on Eid day, I remember as a child we used to get live chickens  sometimes a rooster which is slaughtered on Eid day. Sadly   nowadays we cook with frozen chicken.
I have 4 aunts from my dad's side, I am most closest to the youngest three of them as they   had been around while I was growing up.  They would stay at our home when they come for medical purposes  or  educational purposes. Or one of them  would come over to baby sit us,  if our parents had to leave abroad, which is quite rare as getting my mother out of the house is quite a challenge.

My aunty, K datha , is a   is great cook........

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rice and Chickpea Pilaf

I recently bought a packet of dried chickpeas , soaked the whole bag in water over night , cooked it till the chickpeas were one and then place in a ziplock freezer bag and popped in my freezer. The canned ones are nice but I love the nutty taste you get from the dried ones.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dhal and Spinach Curry

After making  my beef curry, I decided to post a vegetarian curry this time.  Ramadhan is now ending meaning Eid is just round the corner. I love Eid,  here and even in Malaysia. The eid songs blasting in full volume in the malls , everyone busy shopping for new clothes and then Eid day morning everyone flocking off to the mosque to pray the eid prayers. So looking forward for Eid .

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beef Curry

Yes the above photo is quite messy, my photography skills isnt exactly the best. But dont be fooled by the photo as it tastes great. I know quite a number  of my followers dont eat beef but unfortunately I am a big beef lover so I want to share with you a  beef curry recipe. Feel free to change to mutton or even chicken if you want.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Peach Cobbler

I am depressed,  first to see the chaos and suffering in the Palestine and again another Malaysian airline being shot down (!?!?!) .  Sometimes I wonder what kind of a world I have brought my boys into. I pray that  it would turn out  better by the time they grow up.

I have always heard of different kinds of  cobblers and kept meaning to try  and make one. A few weeks a go a fellow blogger Velva from Tomatoes on the Vine  posted a delicious looking peach cobbler. What tempted me to try it was that it was a very easy recipe and it used canned peaches instead of fresh. We do get fresh peaches but they are quite expensive and I want to try budget recipes this fasting month.


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