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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rose Syrup Ice Pops

Its almost School Holidays!!!,  We get one  and a half month break before schools reopen to a new year. So before I head for holidays .... I am taking a break from blogging to recharge my batteries, come up with new recipes and update my blog so wont be posting any  more new recipes until January but I will to try and keep up with whats going on with other bloggers.  But then again , its holidays so lets chill and  gets some popsicle molds and make some of these yummy treats to cool off the kids .

Sunday, November 6, 2016

BBQ Chicken Pizza

 My little one has been battling a very high fever for  a few days so have been busy taking care of him. Its horrible when kids fall sick, and little guy is a bit annoyed cos I keep making him wash his hands and preventing him from jumping into his little brother's bed, in order to avoid little guy from getting sick as well.
This post has been sitting in my draft for ages , so finally posting it.My hubby once bought this book for me called Sandra Lee Semi Home made : the complete cook book.       He said the food inside looked nice,. Yes, the recipes had everything coming  from the packet but I have to say some of them were quite handy in giving me ideas  to try new recipes.There was a section on Pizza and Pasta,  and this pizza recipe caught my attention.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


We have something similar to the Mexican Churros, known as Kaamaranga or   as I later found out through a reader Balakshaam . Similar in making , but once the pastry is fried they are soaked in a sugar syrup so they don't  have that lovely crispy texture as Churros.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Before I tell you what this post is about  I have to tell you about an old story behind the above picture.  There is a old saying in Maldives that when a person forgets his roots  they say just like " Kulhavafalhu Rani" or the queen from the Kulhavah grown area. Anyway the above picture shows a locally grown ? fruit? known as Kulhavah. It has a sweet sour taste and a very strong smell as it ripens.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chicken And Corn Tortilla Lasagne

This recipe was inspired by my Roshi Pie recipe. I had some left over roast chicken ( I always try to make sure I have  left overs when I do roast chicken. Anyway, I saw this recipe of Chicken and Sweet corn Canneloni in one  of the magazines I had and wondered if I can try this  and use tortillas and make a sort of Lasagne style dish.


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